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Finding the Source: To put you on the Road to Recovery

The process begins with a biomechanical assessment. This comprehensive, movement-based evaluation allows us to pinpoint the strengths, weaknesses, and movement deficiencies that may be contributing to your discomfort. Through this assessment we aim to learn more about you as an individual rather than treat just your injured body part.

Pain-Free Activities

The information that we devise from the initial assessment will allow us to develop a treatment plan that is individualized to your needs. Using manual therapy, corrective exercises and various modalities we aim to target and improve the specific limitations identified during your assessment, promoting proper movement patterns and reducing the risk of future injury.

Living Life to its Fullest

Although no one can ever guarantee that injuries will not happen in the future, we do want to make sure you have the proper tools to put you on the path to healing as quickly and safely as possible if issues arise. We strive to be a resource you will feel comfortable calling on whether it be to simply answer a question or to help you get back on track. Every individual’s journey to recovery is unique. That’s why our approach is always tailored to you, with the goal of not just managing your pain, but enhancing your overall quality of life.

“Loren and his team deserve every bit of 10+ stars. If you are looking for a pt that treats you like you are just a number, well, you have got the wrong place. “my injury was terrible,” says everyone, and this is most likely true for that individual, but my injury had a huge question mark, would I be able to walk normally ever again or not? I was crushed by a 12-ton tractor twice on the job site and was pretty much thinking that walking again normally would be a huge miracle. To keep a very long story short, within three months of having Loren as not just my physical therapist but my advocate, I was standing up and at 50% load bearing on my leg. Loren is someone that cares for your situation, health, and needs. He wants the best for others, and I believe he gets his joy from seeing people accomplish that. When I say these things, I mean every word. Loren saw me pretty much twice a week for over four years. To say the least, we became close. Now I can run, work and enjoy hobbies. As for Koda, I know his whole team will be the same to their patients as Loren was to me.”

– Colton F.
“Koda Physical Therapy integrates professionalism with fellowship. Their team is up to date with new strategies and techniques which encourage a healthy recovery. This Therapeutic support gives and cultivates an environment that extends kindness and consideration. Debra Sojka, PT, has dealt with my various after-surgery issues for years now. She exceeds with her ongoing knowledge and gentle approach. She has continuously helped me, addressing my obstacles, which encompass my physical and mental development. I encourage and recommend the services of KPT for their devotion to assisting aid to all to live and acquire a restorative health-minded personage.”

– Christine D.

“As my first time at this site, I was very happy with Debra, the physical therapist. She took the time to see where my need was and my pain. Looking forward to my next visit.”

– Maria

“Kevin and Lauren were fantastic. They had the daunting task of getting a ruined knee back to perfect condition for my overly physical job. With all the care and attention, I went back to work confident and, to this day, have the strength and flexibility that I built with them. I loved going to Koda. So thank you.”

– Eric S.

“Very impressed with the team. The front desk woman was terrific. So friendly, helpful, and nice. She was helpful on the phone, clear, and had great follow-up when she said she would call me back. Upon arrival, she greeted me warmly. Excellent customer service. Debra-fabulous therapist. She took a comprehensive history and performed an extensive assessment. There were no frills with devices–just using her hands. She worked on my back and lower extremities to identify areas of chief complaint. I would not hesitate to use Koda again. Also, the facility was very clean, and I appreciated mask-wearing.”

– Susan P.
“This is the best PT I have received from any provider. Loren’s skill at identifying and addressing the multiple issues I’ve had due to osteoarthritis and age has kept me mobile and active by restoring the range of motion I have lost or was losing. His team members are well-trained, and he has an excellent facility.”

– Janet B.

“I’ve been seen in Koda physical therapy many times. They are very helpful, knowledgeable, and very professional. From Jessica, who works as their medical/office receptionist, to all the staff members, and of course, all Physical therapists. From Loren, Kevin, Debbie, and all of their PT staff. They are highly qualified and recommended physical therapists.”

– Maryjane B.
“I’m impressed with Loren’s ability to identify dysfunctional imbalances and create a treatment plan to help my body work and feel better!”

– Kate S.

WHy Choose Us

Koda Physical Therapy
Our mission at KODA PT is to help people relieve pain, restore function, promote long-term wellness and return one’s sense of wholeness. We achieve this by leaning on core values of having a patient first mentality, providing open and honest communication and being team oriented. We take the time to get to know you as an individual rather than an injured body part. We understand that your pain may not only limit your ability to perform daily tasks but may also be taking you away from things you love to do (i.e. playing with your kids or grandchildren, participating in sports, riding your bike or hiking with loved ones, working to provide for your family, etc). Whether your issues are acute or chronic we understand the struggles are real and the effects these limitations have on your life and your well-being are undeniable. At KODA Physical Therapy, the therapists are continuously collaborating with each other to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome for each patient. If you are ready to restore the life you desire, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Being fully aware that you have many choices when considering who to see for care, we are thankful that you would take the time to consider us as an option.

What people get from
the program

A team of physical therapists and assistants that will help you restore your strength, flexibility, and mobility so that you can regain your freedom.
A personalized program tailored to your individual goals.
Confidence in the ability to return to your desired activities safely and enjoy doing what you love.
The knowledge and understanding of how movement patterns and posture may aggravate your pain. We believe that when you comprehend the mechanics of your pain and recovery, you become a more active participant in your healing, fostering faster progress and more effective results.
A trusted partner in your journey to regaining an active lifestyle.
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